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Vivan's Thread ceremony photography in Livermore Hindu temple

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

A fine day, on Instagram, Vishnu gets a message from Pradeep (Vivan's dad) that he is looking for a photographer for his son's Upanayanam Ceremony and a celebration in Livermore and Dublin respectively.

Upanayanam is a ceremony in which a person is declared as about to 'lead'. To Lead one must learn or train to do 'sacrifices' involving Niyamas (procedures) and Karmas (duties) of personal, family and society. A sacred thread is presented to the person to indicate that he has started learning the sacrifices.

Upanayanam was set to take place in the Shiva-Vishnu temple in Livermore. And the celebrations were planned to take place a day before in the banquet halls associated with Peacock restaurant in Dublin. They had guests who flew in from all over the US and also other countries like UAE and India.

Vivan referred to himself as the king and so the theme was set in Royal blue and Gold. They also had a dance floor set and a DJ for their choreographed dance performances. Their enthusiasm on both days was top notch and that showed in the pictures which turned out great.

If you are looking for a wedding or event photographer for events in Hindu temple in Livermore, hit me up.

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