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How low is low enough?

I'm pretty sure 100% of the professional photographers (or any other artists) have been at this end of the spectrum. Lately, I've been getting a few requests through my Facebook page for covering a certain type of event (abstraction because I don't want to lose future gigs). I'm usually very professional in answering any quote requests so I take interest in typing out detailed responses even to the weirdest requests. The pattern that I have been observing is people not always get back to me to let me know if they want to move forward or not. So, I do the due diligence of following up and sometimes I do that twice (even after my manager has asked me not to do so) just out of that customer service mindset. Sometimes, I get hired; Sometimes, people decide to go ahead with someone else; and sometimes they don't even bother to respond. There was this one client specifically, who had to rub it in saying that they were able to find someone at half the price I quoted. My first reaction, "You get what you pay for". But! I had to behave, so I just typed "Good luck with your event". that had me thinking - How low is low enough for a photography service?

When you are out in the market for buying a new car, you have several options to choose from. If fuel economy is your main aim, you'd choose a hybrid, if performance is your objective - you'd choose a sports model and if comfort and luxury are your weakness- high-end vehicles are your choice. If you don't care about what you drive, you can always buy Prius (sorry Prius owners - I'm very prejudiced). But what you pay for is what you get! The same applies to photographers. I plead guilty to be acting like one of them in the past, I was THAT guy once upon a time who used to charge 60$ for family portraits. But that guy has evolved so much professionally, I now shoot on full-frame cameras, I have a variety of lenses to meet your photography needs, I tastefully edit each and every image from the session and finally, I don't have a limit on the number of images I provide. The purpose of this post is not to rant but to help you understand that when you make a decision: don't just look at the price tag, make an informed decision based on how you like the work and the photographer himself. You are free to buy any car you want but when you tell Elon Musk that you were able to buy a Prius for half the price, he would only chuckle at you. Have a good weekend!