17 mile Drive Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Kaushal and Shivani, the most recent couple I worked with, were set to tie the knot in the beautiful Napa Valley on Thanksgiving Day 2019. They had planned their wedding reception to happen in India and wanted to get a pre-wedding / engagement photoshoot at a place that was of significance to them. I always tell my clients who reach out to me regarding a Pre-Wedding photoshoot, to tell me what their preferences are and how they envision their pictures to be done. This couple was specific and certain that they want their shoot to happen at some of the locations along the scenic 17 mile drive .

At first, I was taken aback as it was quite a drive from my base but after I finished the shoot and started processing the pictures, I was glad I played along. We started out at the Carmel plaza as it was more of a cozy and casual setting. That also gave me the time to know the couple a little better. I, as usual, started out with my funny bone and sooner than later the couple was at ease with me. I told them, how they can act like they are in love and just like that they were in splits.

We then headed over to Pescadero point. I always wanted to shoot by the ghost trees so it was a nice addition to the list of shoot spots. The best of photos were actually captured here, contrary to the belief that sunset pictures by the beach would steal the show. Parking is limited so be on the lookout!

After a quick stop at Cypress grove which I honestly think was fruitless, we headed over to Spanish Bay to welcome dusk. This is where I brought in my creativity and clicked a million pictures. Of course, I ended up liking most of them and carefully processed each one of them.

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