So, This is me!


I wanted to choose serial binge-watching as my occupation but someone told me that it is not professionally recognized so I settled for my second choice, being a photographer. 

My introduction to photography was very unusual, I was not born with a passion for it nor was it an art that grew on me. I plainly saw the camera as a gadget and considered taking pictures as writing a new piece of code, that actually works! A dibble here and a dabble there, and someone told me I should start charging people for it and I never looked back. 


I understand the significance of the photos in one's life and I know that the price doesn't have to be hefty. So I try to accommodate the best I can, within your budget. 

Other not-so trivial things about me

  • Kids and Pets adore me

  • Patience should be my middle name

  • I am a techie by profession, photographer by hobby and energetic by nature

  • If you honor dignity of labor, you have my respect.

  • I have a poker face and a dry-wit sense of humor

  • I value personal relationships very much, and I don't fret small things in life

  • My favorite part of this job is 10 years later, when you'd be looking back at your album.

Best Engagement photographer in San Francisco
Best Wedding and Portrait Photographer in San Francisco Bay Area

If you'd like to know more, click here. I don't bite. 

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