So, This is me!

Hey, my name is Vishnu. Nice to meet you as well!

Thanks for stopping by. Photography to me is a professional hobby. You know, the kind of hobby that earns you bread and butter while letting you do what you love. What started out as an experiment over a decade ago in Kansas (yes, Kansas!) has now taken shape of a tasteful Wedding Photography boutique in the San Francisco Bay Area.

All my clients describe me as Patient, Passionate, Friendly, Unique, Creative, and Skilled and I can't argue with all of them so I'm going to just believe that they are right. Although, I personally think my superpower lies in Solidarity. I'm a firm believer in Love;  Love beyond religion, gender, age, body type, and anything else. 

Why Us?

"Time moves in one direction, memory another" ~ William Gibson.
At Zoom, Focus & Click Photography, we tirelessly work towards capturing & creating images that act as a bridge between the two. 
You are unique, your love is unique, your story is unique, and so should your pictures. We believe that Photography is an art of storytelling, your wedding story as it happened. We ensure every part of that story is not only tastefully captured but also stunningly presented so that when you walk down that memory lane 15 years from now, you get to relive every bit of the excitement through our captures. The grin on your faces or those dewy eyes that each memory brings back is what we strive for! We pride ourselves on our eclectic and comprehensive approach towards weddings, which will make your photos and videos pleasingly timeless! We invest in getting to know YOU so that each photo and portrait we capture reflects our style and your personality!
And if that is not enough, read what our customers say. We are also featured as the best wedding photographer & best engagement photographer on Peerspace & Expertise. 

Best Wedding and Portrait Photographer in San Francisco Bay Area
Best Engagement photographer in San Francisco

Other not-so trivial things about me

  • Kids and Pets adore me

  • Patience should be my middle name

  • I am a techie by profession, photographer by hobby and energetic by nature

  • If you honor dignity of labor, you have my respect.

  • I have a poker face and a dry-wit sense of humor

  • I value personal relationships very much, and I don't fret small things in life

  • My favorite part of this job is 10 years later, when you'd be looking back at your album.

If you'd like to know more, click here. I don't bite. 

California based Indian Wedding & Engagement Photographer. Serving California (Bay Area, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, India) & worldwide. Featured the best wedding & engagement photographers in SF by Peerspace & Expertise.

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