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Livermore Based Wedding and Family Photographer. Bay Area, California Wedding Photographer. East Bay Family Photographer

Before the shoot


You made a decision to hire me, I got you listed on my calendar, your shoot is fast approaching, here are a few things you need to ensure so I get to capture your photos in the best possible way:


  • On the day of the event please ensure you have a list of all possible combinations you want to be captured at the event. For example, most clients I have worked with either have a print out ready at the time of the event or have a dedicated person to help gather the folks from the family or guests for portraits. 

  • I will guide you all along for poses that will yield the best pictures. Please take a look at my gallery on the website which shows how I usually cover the event. 

  • Please ensure I have ample space to move around the main area where the event is held and have as fewer obstacles as possible to capture the candids during the event. 

  • All images captured will be shared with you within 10 business days from the day of the shoot. I understand the need to share a few images with family/social media. I will be able to get you a couple of images within the first 3 days of the shoot.

  • ALL images will be post processed for color correction and watermarked.

  • Images captured from the shoot may be used on my website and/or social media. If you wish to have the copyrights to your images, additional 20% fee will apply.

  • If you are running late for whatever reason, you need to know at least 3 hours in advance. 

    • There will be an additional charge for any extra time requested on-site (@75$ for every 15 mins).